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PAT Testing Procedure

Our engineers are qualified to City & Guilds 2377-002 and are experienced in all aspects of PAT testing. We use the latest computerised test equipment manufactured by Seaward. All Equipment is fully calibrated and certified.

All testing is carried out under the IET's Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, the standards body responsible for PAT testing and conforms to HSE guidelines.

Before any Pat testing commences on an appliance, our engineer will asses the environment to make sure testing can be carried out safely and with no risk to themselves or other people.

Portable appliance testing includes a thorough visual inspection of the appliance to check for:

Damage to the flex
Damaged to the plug and casing (overheating, burn marks, discolouration)
An incorrectly wired plug
An incorrectly rated fuse
A series of electrical tests are then performed. Dependant upon the class of equipment tests may include:

Earth Bond Testing
Insulation Resistance
Flex Polarity Test
Earth Leakage Test
Load Test
Touch Leakage Test
Functional Check
All appliances need to be unplugged for testing.

Appliances are discreetly labelled with the result of the test (pass or fail). Any remedial action that can be taken during testing (repairing plugs/fuses etc) will be carried out and re-tested at the time at no extra cost. More complex faults or damage are reported to the business manager.



We use Seaward Pat Testing Machines, which are probably the best you can get

All PAT Testing is carried out in correspondance with The IET's code of practice

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